A Frightful Error

It's late October. The nights are getting longer (for us North Americans, anyway), and vampire processes are sucking the life from your machine. Even a hard power cycle won't banish the ghost of yesterday's horrific memory usage. Halloween can't be far away. How can we honor the season with appropriately creepy code? With some help from Alex Caulway and Connell...

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MATLAB Community

2019-10-28 13:40:10

I Need to Replace The Checkbox in My MATLAB App with Radio Buttons

The MATLAB app I'm currently working on has a checkbox to let the user select between two options for the behavior of the app. I want to now allow three options, so I plan to remove the check box and add a set of three radio buttons instead. If I get it working, I'll also re-deploy it as a web...

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Stuart’s MATLAB Videos

2019-10-25 12:35:14

Minimal Bounding Box

Sean's pick this week is Minimal Bounding Box by Johannes Korsawe. I was recently asked by a customer "How can I replicate the flatness measurements from a CMM machine?" A coordinate measuring machine measures geometric properties of an object. A quick internet search, took me to this site which introduced two methods. The customer wanted...

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File Exchange Pick of the Week

2019-10-25 09:00:11

Open AI Caribbean Data Science Challenge

The following post is from Neha Goel, Champion of student competitions and online data science competitions. She's here to promote a new Deep Learning challenge available to everyone. If you win, you get money, plus a bonus if you use MATLAB. Read on! Hello all! We at MathWorks, in collaboration with DrivenData, are excited to bring you this challenge....

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Deep Learning

2019-10-23 22:06:49

Where Are They Now? – Roni Deb, Ather Energy

Today we're talking to Roni Deb from Ather Energy. As a student in SRM University, Chennai between 2015 and 2017, Roni participated in Formula Student Germany, Formula Student India, and Formula Bharat. What Did You Learn in Formula Student? “We realised that in order to understand and predict the vehicle performances at an early concept stage, simulation was...

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Racing Lounge

2019-10-23 12:00:11

Acquire Images from Your Device Camera with MATLAB Mobile

Bringing Your Images and MATLAB Mobile Closer Together In our last blog post, we started laying out our first phase of features that brought your images and MATLAB Mobile closer together. By enabling direct uploads to MATLAB Drive from your image gallery (and any application that has a ‘Share’ affordance), processing your images using MATLAB just became easier. While this...

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MATLAB Community

2019-10-23 09:44:41

The tool builders gene (or how to get a job at MathWorks)

In my second year of grad school (1987-88), my thesis advisor asked me to develop some PC-based digital signal processing (DSP) tools to be used for computer-based lab assignments. (At the time, PC-based engineering labs were very new, laptops weren't a thing yet, and Student Edition of MATLAB was still a couple of years away from exploding onto the...

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Steve on Image Processing and MATLAB

2019-10-21 17:22:16

Do Monkeys Enjoy Tchaikovsky?

This week’s blog post was written by guest blogger, Liz Ashforth. This time, Liz discovered research in the neuroscience field that sheds light on how different primate brains, including humans, respond to music. Do monkeys enjoy Tchaikovsky?? To address this question, a recent study published in Nature Neuroscience compared the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) response in brains of humans...

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Behind the Headlines

2019-10-18 16:24:41

Spider plots and more argument validation

Jiro's Pick this week is spider_plot by Moses.There are quite a few "spider plots" on the File Exchange, but this one by Moses caught my attention for a few reasons.Moses includes a detailed help inside the function.help spider_plot spider_plot Create a spider or radar plot with individual axes. Syntax: spider_plot(P) spider_plot(___, Name, Value) Input Arguments: (Required) P - The...

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File Exchange Pick of the Week

2019-10-18 09:00:17

Collect and Visualize Agricultural Data using The Things Network and ThingSpeak

Long-range wireless communication technology enables the transfer of sensor data over a long distance while using low-power radios for connectivity. This technology can be leveraged to connect sensors covering a large geographic area and give you insights into what is happening. With agricultural applications it is important to measure the soil moisture and efficiently irrigate. A big challenge for agricultural...

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Hans on IoT

2019-10-17 15:18:04

Introducing Live Editor Tasks

Today Id like to introduce a guest blogger, David Garrison, who is a MATLAB Product Manager here at MathWorks. Dave will talk about the new feature introduced in R2019b called Live Editor Tasks which allow you to complete steps in your workflow interactively from within the Live Editor....

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Loren on the Art of MATLAB

2019-10-17 02:44:46

New! Badges on the File Exchange

Chad Greene has contributed 171 files (and counting) to the File Exchange. The man is a File Exchange legend. But you know what's cooler than that? Antarctica. Yes, I know, ha ha, Antarctica is cold. But I'm actually being serious. Chad's research at the University of Texas is all about the southernmost continent. So if you know MATLAB and your...

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MATLAB Community

2019-10-16 14:01:59

Using the Color Threshold app again

Back in the summer I had another chance to use the Color Thresholder, a very nice app that's in the Image Processing Toolbox. I happened to come across a question on MATLAB Answers - someone was looking for a way to segment the yellow region in this image: I proposed using the Color Thresholder and the L*a*b* color space, and...

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Steve on Image Processing and MATLAB

2019-10-14 17:58:41

Notifications from MATLAB

Waiting for a computer or cluster to finish a task is about as exciting as watching paint dry. XKCD even has a comic about it. MATLAB developers often deal with heavy computational loads, often running for long periods of time and involving lots of data. There are many situations where I stand up and stretch or perhaps get myself another...

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Developer Zone

2019-10-14 17:57:25

Prime Spiral #2

Today's post was inspired by a YouTube video, Why do prime numbers make these spirals?, on the channel 3Blue1Brown, created by Grant Sanderson. In my opinion this is the best math channel on YouTube. He has beautiful graphics and superb exposition. I recommend you take a look, if you haven't already.My 2015 post Prime Spiral was about a completely different prime spiral discovered by Stan Ulam....

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Cleve’s Corner: Cleve Moler on Mathematics and Computing

2019-10-14 15:08:12

Dynamically Adding Components to My MATLAB App

I want to add and remove user interface components on the fly in the MATLAB App that I have made with App Designer. Specifically, I want the number of tabs in a tab group to change based on the data. I haven't done this before but I believe its possible. Features covered in this code-along style video include: App...

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Stuart’s MATLAB Videos

2019-10-11 11:25:57

Programmatically adding data tips

Richard is Consulting Engineer at MathWorks focused on the Embedded Coder product for code generation, primarily in the Aerospace industry.Richard's pick this week is add_Data_Tips by Massimo Ciacci....

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File Exchange Pick of the Week

2019-10-11 09:44:18

Documenting performance improvements

I recently noticed a change in the way we write some of our product release notes, and I wanted to mention it to you.In my quarter century at MathWorks doing toolbox and MATLAB development, there have been a few areas of focus that have been remarkably consistent over that entire time. One of those areas is performance. Specifically, computation speed.If...

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Steve on Image Processing and MATLAB

2019-10-07 17:15:13

Whats new in 19b: Deep Learning Examples

Not to be outdone by Heather with her latest features in MATLAB post, Shounak Mitra, Product Manager for Deep Learning Toolbox, offered to post about new deep learning examples. Enjoy! There are quite a few new deep learning features for 19b, since this was a major release for Deep Learning. Instead of listing all the new features, I'm listing...

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Deep Learning

2019-10-04 12:41:09

New with R2019b Function Argument Validation

Jiro's Pick this week is Function Argument Validation, which is a new R2019b feature that I'm really excited about.If you search for "function argument validation" or "input validation" in File Exchange, you will see quite a few entries on it. Some are actual utilities for doing validation, while others are regular entries with validation functions within them. There are also argument parsing entries for parsing optional arguments.Input validation can be a tedious task and may require thorough consideration of logic to ensure robust code. Let's look at an example.Let's say that I want to create a function that takes an arbitrary number of data sets and creates an overlapping histogram. In addition, I'd like the function to take optional param-value pair inputs to customize some properties of the plot. So the input argument looks something like this: myhistogram(DATA1, DATA2, ..., PARAM1, VALUE1, PARAM2, VALUE2, ...)You can imagine how tricky this may be to implement. Doable, but tedious. I would need to do some parsing to first see how many data sets are passed in. I may do that by checking from the first input to see if it is not a parameter name I'm looking for. After that, I repeatedly inspect the parameter-value pairs and assign the values to the appropriate parameters. Again, doable, but tedious.With the new function argument validation, the parsing and the validation can be expressed in a compact, easy-to-understand way. Here is the whole code:function myhistogram(x, args) arguments (Repeating) x (1,:) double end arguments args.nbins (1,1) double {mustBeInteger, mustBePositive} = 10 args.style {mustBeMember(args.style,{'bar','stairs'})} = 'bar' args.orientation {mustBeMember(args.orientation,{'vertical','horizontal'})} = 'vertical' args.normalization {mustBeMember(args.normalization,{'count',... 'probability','countdensity','pdf','cumcount','cdf'})} = 'count' args.showlegend (1,1) logical = false end figure hold on for id = 1:length(x) histogram(x{id},args.nbins,'DisplayStyle',args.style,... 'Orientation',args.orientation,'Normalization',args.normalization,... 'DisplayName',inputname(id)) end hold off if args.showLegend legend show end ...

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File Exchange Pick of the Week

2019-09-27 13:00:29

Passing Parameters to Apps Built with App Designer

I need to figure out how to pass a parameter to a MATLAB App that is built with App Designer. In this case, I want to pass a parameter to a MATLAB Web app, but since making the video I have found out that there is currently no documented method to do this, so I can't show you that. However,...

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Stuart’s MATLAB Videos

2019-09-23 16:12:40

Whats New in 19b: MATLAB

This post is from Heather Gorr - MATLAB product marketing - here to talk about the new release of R2019b and new MATLAB functionality related to deep learning. You can get a high level overview of everything new in this release with an overview video on the release page, or dive into the specifics in the release notes. ...

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Deep Learning

2019-09-20 16:35:44


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