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it's pong!

標簽: animationgamepong

2019-10-28 00:38:54 - Silas Henderson

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Allows to trigger uifigure's "Always On Top" state in Matlab

標簽: always on topfigure on topfloatinguifigurewindow on top

2019-10-27 19:11:05 - Igor

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Allows to trigger figure's "Always On Top" state in Matlab

標簽: always on topfigure on topfloatingwindow on top

2019-10-27 17:38:15 - Igor

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Closed Loop Control of Boost Converter

Boost Converter is a converter which converts variable DC voltage to required DC voltage.

標簽: power electronicspower_conversion_controlpower_electronics_control

2019-10-27 16:12:35 - jaya raju gaddala

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Anisotropic Cloak FDTD

Anisotropic 2D FDTD solver to simulate electromagnetic concealment with cylindrical transformation cloak

標簽: anisotropiccloakelectromagneticfdtdmetamaterial

2019-10-27 15:41:43 - Oliver Csernyava

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Boost Converter

A boost converter is a DC/DC power converter which steps up voltage from its input (source) to its output (load). In continuous conduction m

標簽: power electronicspower_conversion_controlpower_electronics_control

2019-10-27 07:13:34 - jaya raju gaddala

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DTMF decoding with audiorecorder and wav read option

The audio is recorded and plotted on the frequency domain but couldn't figure out the dtmf key with the frequency array.

標簽: decoderdtmffft

2019-10-27 05:05:25 - Sitaram karki

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JSONLab: a toolbox to encode/decode JSON files

A toolbox to encode/decode JSON/UBJSON/MessagePack files in MATLAB/Octave

標簽: popular file 2018pick of the weekpotwjsontoolboxbase64compressiondatadata exportdata importdecoder

2019-10-27 04:20:35 - Qianqian Fang

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Geometrically nonlinear analysis of two-dimensional frame models

標簽: framesgeometric nonlinearitynonlinear analysissolid mechanicsstructural analysis

2019-10-26 17:48:59 - Rafael Rangel

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Fitting the Uniform Shear Model to real data

The parameters of the Uniform Shear Model are estimated in the least-square sense.

標簽: atmospheric turbulencespectral tensorturbulenceuniform shear modelwind

2019-10-26 12:00:01 - E. Cheynet

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IEEE 33 Bus System

MATLAB-Simulink model of IEEE 33 Bus System (Baran and Wu, 1989)

標簽: distribution systemsieee 33 busmatpowernetwork reconfigurationpower system analysispower systemssimulink

2019-10-26 11:48:45 - JY Wong

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mex version of ts_sort.m


2019-10-26 01:06:23 - Matt Stead

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A sort for time series data. Faster than qsort(), mergesort(), or heapsort() when compiled.


2019-10-26 01:05:35 - Matt Stead

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mex file for quantfilt1.m


2019-10-25 21:00:48 - Matt Stead

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quantfilt1() is a span-order quantile filter for one-dimensional arrays


2019-10-25 20:56:25 - Matt Stead

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"despline/offset" x- and y- axis, inspired by 'offsetAxes' by Anne Urai, but taking into account log scale

標簽: desplineoffsetaxes

2019-10-25 20:27:02 - Tuan Pham

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FEM - Bending and Modal Analysis of Cantilever Plate

Extraction of natural frequencies and mode shapes / displacements from uniform pressure.

標簽: bendingcantileverfemfinite elementmitc4modal analysisplatereissner

2019-10-25 20:19:10 - REM

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Cluster-Head based Routing in VANET

Simple 2-lane VANET animator Routing with Performance Analysis

標簽: vanet toolbox research cluster head fuzzy prediction

2019-10-25 17:48:44 - Amburose Sekar

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2019-10-25 17:38:14 - Deepanshu Mehta

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Coupling Matrix Synthesis for RF Filters

Enter RF filter specifications and obtain Coupling Matrix (both Transversal and Folded Matrix) from synthesis.

標簽: communicationscoupling matrixfilter designmicrowaverfwireless

2019-10-25 17:25:31 - Gowrish Basavarajappa

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An iterative ensemble smoother (iES) based on regularized Levenburg-Marquardt, see SPE-176023-PA,


2019-10-25 12:28:37 - Xiadong Luo

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Calibrate Camera with one Photo (Linear Method)

Have you ever wondered how a photographer got a shot? Performs camera calibration from labelled points in 3D space and pixel coordinates


2019-10-25 11:44:42 - Aaron T. Becker's Robot Swarm Lab

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Off Grid Inverter Model

This off-grid inverter model is capable to produce AC sinewave output voltage at 230 V 50 Hz up to 1 kW power from a 48 V battery

標簽: dc-dc step up converterlc filteroff grid inverterpush-pull converterspwmvoltage source inverter

2019-10-25 09:15:03 - Rodney Tan


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